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Kitesurfing is a kite specialty website dedicated in promoting the kiting culture to every corner of Australia. We are comprised of people who believe that kiting as a culture is as essential as any other sporting and recreation endeavour there is.

For us, kiting upholds fun, unity, friendship, and community. Along with kite lovers the world over, Kitesurfing believes that kiting makes a differences one day at a time.

What’s in store for you at Kitesurfing?

Kitesurfing includes the use of all kinds of kiting products, including kites, accessories, and kits. We will link you to the best brands in the industry in order to provide the best kiting experience.

We offer free advice to our site visitors about the best products or accessories that will fit their needs, the latest and the best kiting destinations, and even kiting competitions where they can join or show off their talents.

We recommend participation in kitesurfing and like to be up to date on all products related to kiting – be it regular hobby kiting, kitesurfing, kiteboarding, or even the technically demanding stunt kiting.

Go Kitesurfing!

Our love for kites and everything about kiting is real and we hope to provide you with some general advice about kitesurfing in Australia.