Kiting Destination

Australia, a Kiting Paradise

Undoubtedly, our country is amongst the top countries in the world for kiting, and related sports. Our over 22,000 mile-coastline offers the most exhilarating, adventure-luring waves, and the bluest crystal-clear sprawls of surfing beaches. We are also a melting pot for the best kiting brands in the market, as well as the most up-to-date kiting technology.


The Western Australian region

The Western Australian region is considered as the hottest spot for kiting, as it is satiated with sandy beaches, offering the most perfect waves for all kinds of kite sports – from kitesurfing to stunt kiting events.

Perth Beaches, Shoalwater Bay opposite Penguin Island, the Swan River, Geraldton or “Gero,” Augusta, and the popular and World Heritage Listed Ningaloo Reef, Cervantes, Gnaraloo are amongst the best and world-class in the area.

The rest of Australia

Old-Bar in New South Wales is becoming more popular these days, as it gains comparison with Victoria’s St. Kilda’s smooth waves.

Sunshine Coast in Queensland is a top choice for surfers, and just looking at its white sand gives your adventure an extra feel of grandeur and majesty.

Another one that is gaining immense popularity is Port Douglas. Not only is it near the Great Barrier Reef; it also boasts of a tropical climate, majestic mountains surrounding the area, and record-breaking annual average wind speed of 13.5 knots.

Australia is replete with superb kiting destinations because the entire continent is surrounded by waters. But what makes us somewhat a kiting capital of the world is our unadulterated love and passion for kiting.